Learn why perfection takes time and why at 'the JACQUE". a different level of standards is evidenced in everything we do.

Each collection has different character, each one allows us to innovate and to express ourselves. This, and the knowledge that not all people who like our shoes, like the design.

klfw2016 Jacquelee shoes

Creativity has always been at the heart of Jacque and is evident in our numerous collection allow us to express our creativity and innovation in many ways, catering for different occasions, tastes and varied range of elegance.

These multiple forms of expression, indicates the artisanal crafts with technical innovations and inspire shoemakers and clients alike. 

klfw2016 Jacquelee shoes


Passion for materials accompanied the JACQUE’s work right from his early days. For the company, any material, even the most modest and apparently unsuitable for a luxury business, could be brilliantly and creatively adapted when the ideas, which are linked to the materials, are driven by limitless technical and innovative ability. This vision has been recently consolidated by the Company, which started to manufacture products using organic cotton, responsibly sourced viscose and recycled and regenerated materials such as nylon, wool, cashmere, and silk, aiming at fostering circular economy and introducing responsible, innovative, and high-quality materials. The innovation has also encompassed the introduction of chrome and metal free leather according to the highest environmental standards, to lower its overall impact on the planet.


Guaranteeing its people the opportunity to grow in a work environment where diversity is considered a value is a priority for the Group, which has launched many initiatives in this direction. The Inclusion Policy, aims to support multiculturalism and promote equality and equal opportunities, fighting all types of discrimination and condemning any form of harassment. In addition, the Policy sets the goal of promoting meritocracy and fair treatment at all levels, facilitating the development, expression and enhancement of individual potential.